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Solar Panel Roof

Free installation, zero carbon emissions, high yields, is your factory roof still wasted in 2019?

Install the solar power system free of charge on the factory roof. Just hand over the roof of the factory to us. From the first day of system installation, you are saving money.

What is distributed photovoltaic?

The distributed photovoltaic system converts sunlight into electricity through photovoltaic modules. The system can be installed in any place exposed to sunlight, including buildings' roofs, balconies, side fa?ades, and ground and parking lots.

The distributed photovoltaic power generation system is divided into two types: the grid-connected system and the off-grid system. The distributed photovoltaic system for commercial use adopts the grid-connected mode, and mainly for self-use and the excess power is connected to the grid. Solar photovoltaic panels can be installed on most building roofs such as concrete, color steel and tiled roofs, but must meet load requirements.

Scope of application:

Industrial buildings, commercial buildings, public buildings and other roofs with independent property rights.

Why install distributed PV?

Business and industrial owners have always faced two major challenges in controlling operating costs and achieving corporate social responsibility goals.

Electricity costs account for a large proportion of operating expenses and cost competition is fierce. In the future, financing and stock market listing will be more stringent for companies' carbon disclosure and carbon emission restrictions. The upcoming carbon tax and carbon trading policies will make the use of clean electricity a compulsory course for enterprises and public institutions, rather than an option.

Early use of photovoltaic green power can not only help your company reduce operating costs early, but also establish an industry green benchmark image, create a good corporate social image and industry green leadership image, and achieve more reputation while achieving corporate social responsibility.

Zero investment and multiple returns

As long as the roof is handed over to us, the development department can reduce the technical risks and financial risks of customers by virtue of its engineering technology in industrial and commercial distributed photovoltaic applications, quality of implementation and experience in contract energy management. Our client is zero-investment, just give us the roof and you will save money from the first day of system installation. And start to significantly reduce your carbon footprint and gradually build your industry's green leader position, and as the carbon trading market matures, this will bring additional carbon revenue to your business in the future. In addition, distributed photovoltaic power generation systems are mostly installed on the roof of buildings to effectively protect roofing materials from the sun and extreme weather and extend the life of the roof. In the summer, rooftop solar photovoltaic systems can help buildings cool naturally and reduce air conditioning costs by nearly 15%.

Energy-saving and low-carbon beneficial to financing

Since there is no fossil burning during power generation, solar photovoltaic power generation systems can produce significant energy savings compared to conventional thermal power plants, such as carbon dioxide emissions reduction, sulfur dioxide reduction, and water consumption reduction. As the carbon market matures, the government and financial markets impose rigid requirements on the disclosure of carbon emissions and carbon footprint information for all companies in the areas of listing, financing, and environmental protection. This will become the social responsibility of each company and the best way to obtain social identity and business opportunities as a green enterprise. In the future, the green laws and regulations related to financial markets will impose stricter restrictions on corporate carbon emissions, and the green scores will be included in the credit rating of enterprises. As an important auditing standard for companies to obtain more favorable financing opportunities to be approved on the listing.

Green building trend

Today, in the smog, whether life and office space are healthy, comfortable, green and environmentally friendly have received universal attention from the whole society. Modern enterprises regard “green building” as the preferred condition for the selection and construction of office and production sites. It can be said that green buildings have increasingly become the general trend of the development of industrial and commercial facilities. The definition of green building will also be clearer. The most important one is whether the building uses suitable land and clean electricity is installed and used.

System Configuration:

Photovoltaic modules, grid-connected inverters, brackets, monitoring systems (optional), DC combiner boxes (optional), AC power distribution cabinets (optional), photovoltaic meters, two-way meters (provided by the grid company free of charge).

System Features:

Fully output to grid, self-sufficiency, and mainly self-sufficiency are three ways can be used. The power consumption of the enterprise is greatly reduced, and the carbon emission is reduced.

Solar structure

Case: Shanghai Food Company Roof Distributed Project

The power station is installed in Jinshan District, Shanghai. It uses a roof of about 22,500 square meters. The annual power generation reaches 3.2 million kWh, saving 992 tons of standard coal, reducing sulfur dioxide by about 48.6 tons, carbon dioxide by about 5140 tons, and carbon dust by about 1,632 tons.

Project Overview:

Construction site: Shanghai

Project size: 3 MWp

On-grid time: June 2017

Electricity cost savings: 10%-20%

Solar Factory

If your factory is interested in consulting the solar roof project, we will arrange technical experts to visit and communicate.

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