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In-House Training 

Martin Linking can also provide you a comprehensive of in-house training solutions including manufacturing, marketing, safety, equipment & maintenance, project management, supply chain, management & leadership, finance, HR, soft skills etc. If you need to know more about our in-house solutions, please feel free to contact us.

Below are some of the hot in-house workshops we are offering at the moment, if you have more specific and detailed needs, please feel free to contact us, we can certainly tailor the workshops according to your requirements.

For Manufacturing:

For Technical Training:

Energy Efficiency Evaluation and Energy Saving Optimization:

For Marketing:

For Health & Safety & Environment:

For Management & Leadership:

For Equipment & Maintenance:

For Supply Chain:

For Project Management:

For Soft Skills:

For Sales and Sales Management:

For Quality Management:

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Our customers rave about our products

Very informative. Top notch training. Well worth my time.

Bobby Crews, Akzo Nobel

Very well done.

Justin Harkiewicz, Hollingsworth & Vose

Program encompasses the direction plus key elements designed into out own company sales management program.

Stephen Bratt, Henkel China